Monday, August 3, 2009

The Blog

Since no Website exists for CAPTAIN'S COVE I've created this blog to better inform the Berks County Community of news and information regarding one of the best Bar/Restaurants in the area.

Captain's Cove / Mountain Springs 2619 Hill Rd Reading, PA 19606-9215(610) 898-4440(610) 236-1464


  1. My girlfriend went and said she had the best time EVER! She said she's going to take me so I can experience the bar and the "part when they light the bar on fire" I can't wait to go!!!!!

  2. NICE Atmosphere...mixed crowd....good service..WONDERFUL food. It was a perfect Evening last was gorgeous. Thank You Nikki

  3. Have enjoyed my visits there!
    I was wondering if you wanted information on participating in Berks Jazz Fest. I can send the "local venues" info if you are.

    Please send an email to


  4. We've been here before and we like the outside atmosphere. We popped in this past Saturday for a few drinks. The bar staff was friendly and so were the patrons. I think you should add a photo of the outdoor bar to your blog, because it is really cool with the hammocks, barrel tables, social grilling area and the pirates and decorations that adorn that area. We haven't eaten here in a while, but maybe we should give it another try.